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BFATAL productions

We appreciate you for taking the time to visit our site! We are a Music production company, that specializes in Original Musical recordings, releasing, promoting, and distributing instrumental tracks or complete songs for our clients.



Brennan Brown is the founder and CEO of BFATAL productions. After growing up with an interest in music, as his Father was a part time session musician/full time Marine and Mother a school teacher. He always had a desire to be creative in the music field and duplicate the tracks that were in his head, to a wave file. No specific genre was followed, as he didn't want to be pigeon holed. Over the years, he was in band in high school, a DJ aka BFATAL in some small clubs in Los Angeles, CA. He later joined the Air Force, and joined an R&B band at Kadena, AFB, Okinawa, Japan. After marriage and family life for many years, Brennan decided to pursue his love of creating music and videos. Finally, BFATAL PRODUCTIONS was born! It had gone from a hobby of many years, to a business. Upon creating this business, he met a number of contacts that share a lot of his same interests. His interests include: Vegan diet, fitness, organic gardening, hydroponics, travel and his two dogs, Beta (Siberian Husky) and Yogi (Akita), both have passed away, but not forgotten.

Sound equipment

 Quality Music for Your Soul

Here at BFATAL productions, we take great pride in creating original, non-sampled music that can be used in tv/film, video projects and songs.

Our team is concerned primarily for Quality and not Quantity.  This is why we chose not to offer a Beat leasing module to our business.  We want you to succeed in all of your musical ventures and we would love to assist you in the creative process.

We have a team of Producers, Singer/Songwriters, Content creators of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, so we know Diversity.  This helps us to bridge the gaps of old school and new school creativity.  We are TEAM BFATAL.

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